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A Patient Trains a Student Nurse

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Chapter 1

The smell of antiseptic and other foul smells wafted through the hospital ward as Archie Younger added to the mix, by sending a stream of cum into the air.

Grabbing some tissues he cleaned up and tossed the sodden bits of paper into the small trash can already containing two apple cores and wrappings off two candy bars.

Archie had been re-admitted to hospital to have his broken leg re-set after it had been discovered that the two lengths of fractured tibia had slipped out of alignment and were not knitting correctly.

That was the usual hospital incompetence, the x-ray technician had sighed, adding that the fracture should have been plated and screwed, as it now was – the new surgeon saying, “Son, you have my assurance your bone is now straight as an arrow.”

The two nurses had tittered and Archie had been thinking of one of them – Nurse Sue Roberts – when wanking a few minutes ago. Sue had told him the previous day before going off duty that she’d give him a bed bath in the morning and Archie had thoughtfully jacked off to avoid getting a boner when the why young nurse was washing his balls.

However, he needed have bothered, although a good wank was never a bother.

Nurse Roberts bounced in to his private room, bursting with exuberance and asking, “How are we this morning?”

Archie didn’t need to look around, knowing that although she’d used the word ‘we’, he was the only other person in the room.

“We are bored. We haven’t had a good lay in almost a week”

Nurse Roberts who was just eighteen, turned scarlet and turned about to try to hide her embarrassment, presenting Archie with a cute little ass that made his dick take an interest.

“I’ll go and get my trolley,” she mumbled, hurrying from the room.

Returning with the trolley Nurse Roberts pushed it alongside the bed. Archie looked at the bowl of warming water, sponge, container of liquid soap and two stiff towels, most unlike the towels his mother provided at home.

“Why can’t I go and have a shower?” he whined.

“It’s because your leg must be kept up to minimise the risk of clotting. Providing nothing untoward occurs you’ll be able to shower tomorrow.”

“Oh lock the door please.”

“No I’m not allowed to remain in a locked room with a patient by myself.”


“You know?”


“Well…oh all right, I’ll lock the door but we must get this job ablution completed quickly. I’ll be disciplined if I’m found out.”

Archie leered at her: “Don’t you like living dangerous Bess?”

“No of course not.”

“I do.”

“Yes and look where that got you – in hospital with a broken leg and back again for remedial surgery. Now please sponge yourself and I’ll attend to places that you can’t reach, such as the toes of your broken leg.”

Archie pulled off his tee-shirt without responding, and began sponging himself, taking great care to display his muscular abdomen without looking at Nurse Roberts, but feeling her eyes on him. Pushing his fists together he tightened his arm muscles and detected a muted gasp.

Tossing the sponge into the basin, he dried himself, lay back and said: “I’m exhausted, could you please wash my cock – take care with my balls as they’re a bit sensitive this morning.”

Nurse Robert gasped, so Archie looked at her and grinned. Her face was beetroot red.

“Haven’t you had a man’s cock in your hands before,” frowned the good-looking twenty-two year old.

Nurse Roberts head shook emphatically and she looked at the door longingly.

“Well, it’s about time you did. No use you going into advanced practical training a virgin, um, I mean without having handled a, um, penis, don’t you think?”

Nurse Roberts looked at him dumbly.

“I’m prepared to be your guinea pig Bess. “Let’s conduct this as a professional exercise.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked nervously.

“Throw aside my blankets, slide the small rubber sheet you have on the bottom of your trolley under my um butt, and then gently wash my penis and testicles, the insides of my legs and up my crack as far as you can get. No need to use those rubber gloves – I’m clean of all nasties.”

Archie lifted up as Nurse Roberts pushed the rubber sheet under him, hurting his leg but what the hell? The smell of her was intoxicating, and that wasn’t even her womanly smells from lower down.

“What do you think?”

Nurse Roberts looked at the half-limp dick, still somewhat reddened from its earlier pounding.

“It’s big, much larger than my brother’s”

“What, you play with his?”

She blushed, but turned only a light pink.

“Not since we were kids.”

“Right Nurse Roberts let’s pretend that I am Doctor Younger. Please take it into your hand and describe your impressions.”

“It’s warm, throbbing a little. It’s growing a little bigger and it feels a little sticky.”

“Um yes and a little wash will fix that.”

“Now comes my testicles, pun intended. Place your hand under them as if you were weighing them and also finger them to assess their size.”

“Oh Mr Younger – I mean Doctor Younger. Look at it! You are amid having an erection.”

“Good-good nurse. Just hold on to it and watch. What do you think?”

“It’s awesome!”

Archie took a quick look at her left breast, which was virtually only a long tongue distance from him; but her uniform was too ill-fitting to allow him to see if her nipples had stiffened. Just as he was wondering whether to drop a hand down to test whether there was a wet spot spreading on her knickers, the door rattled.

“Bess, Bess. You’ve locked the door. The ward manager if making her rounds and is only two rooms away.”

“Right thanks Bess. I’m coming.”

Archie grinned, although quite sure she had not said she was cumming.

“Unlock the door and go – I’ll wash my tackle. We’ll continue the training later.

“Right,” she replied, almost with enthusiasm. “I have read on your chart I’m to take you to the shower in a wheelchair in the morning along with Nurse Smith.”

“You can get rid of her I hope.”

“I’ll try, and it shouldn’t be a problem. She’s been at me to get experience.”

“What kind of experience Bess?” Archie asked lightly.

Nurse Roberts turned scarlet.


Chapter 2

Bess and Sue Roberts assisted Archie onto the stainless steel wheelchair that had a rubber ring as a seat. They taped plastic sheeting over his leg which was confined in a half-cast with bandages.

In the shower room Sue locked the door and said casually, “You wheel him in and attend to him Bess; as a student need you need to get experience.”

They giggled.

When Sue was pulling a waterproof apron off a hanger Bess pushed something into Archie’s hand, winking at him broadly. He found he was holding a six-pack of condoms.

Sue said she’d stay outside on watch and told Bess to lock the door.

Bess looked at Archie defiantly and taking off her cap and pulling out hair clips said, “Well?”

“Come here babe,” he smirked.

“Oh God,” she said, walking unsteadily towards him. “What now.”

“Show me your tits.”

“What now? You know I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“You’ve got to Bess. The time has come to take a big leap forward in gaining face-to-face experience.”

“Oh God you want to insert your penis into me, don’t you?”

Instinctively, Archie knew to answer neither yes (the truth) nor no (the lie). Instead, he soothed, “Come to me baby.”

Standing just outside arm’s length away, Sue undid her front-buttoning tunic. Although her tits were probably only 32s, it was a lovely lacy blue bra and the sight of the firm white orbs peeping from it sent Archie’s dick upstanding. He resisted the temptation to pull the bath towel off his lap.

Archie looked down to the matching panties, and what he saw made him gasp. There was no sign of hair! The sly little cocksucker!

He was in a wheelchair and with a quick flick of the hand propulsion ring outside the wheels he zoomed up to Sue and put his arm around her.

“You shave?” he asked the obvious.

She nodded.”

“Are you a virgin?

She shook and nodded her head, totalling confusing Archie.

“Which is it?”

“I’m not a virgin in the try sense but I’ve not been with a male.”

Christ she was a Lezbo.

“How the fuck did that happen?”

“At boarding school most of the girls shaved, and finally I joined the Bald Beaver Club as they called it. That name made it sound every so exiting. We had toys and that’s what took my hymen.”

“Is that what it’s called?”

She nodded and then giggled when he cracked, “With technical knowledge like that you should be a nurse.”

Shyly, Sue asked, “What know.”

“Technically, I ought to get you warmed up emotionally, to make you feel you need me – to get you horny, as we say. But old Miss Hook-nose the manager may decide to make a surprise visit, so we’ll have a quick jigger now. Strip off and then sit on this,” said Archie, throwing off the towel and admiring his very stiff seven-incher with a blueish nose cone that made his cock look like an Armed Forces’ missile.

“Gosh how awful. I’m dripping. I need to get a towel.”

“Nah bring that soppy cunt of yours and drop it around this – both of our bodies are secreting in anticipation of involvement in the real thing. Although you don’t know what to do, your pussy and my cock do.”

Sue turned around and backed towards him.

“No babe, just don’t stand their forlornly. Come to the side and straddle the wheelchair.”

“No it will openly my vagina like a common whore I believe and anyway I might hurt your leg.”

“Believe me, babe, and right now if you kick it I won’t feel a thing.”

Sue hesitated and Archie leant sideways, placed both arms around her slim thighs just above the knees and twisting back, pulled her over him. The wheelchair shot back two metres and almost tipped, but he thrust their weight forward to slow the momentum and that jerking sent an agonising burst of pain from his inquired leg.

Biting his bottom lip, he pretended the repositioning of Sue had been flawlessly accomplished. Her back was now against his chest and both were panting – he from exertion, she from rising passion mixed with fear.

“It’s between our stomachs. How does it get into me?”

Archie couldn’t believe she could be so anatomically innocent.

“How do you think?” asked Archie, beginning to such one of her lovely titties – they really were too small to be called tits.

“I suppose I stand up and you plug it in?”

“Very good but not quite like that. You lift your ass into the air, grab my prick just below the top of it and when you have raised yourself high enough, just start feeding it into your cunt – it will bend a bit so you can be a little rough.”

“Don’t call it a cunt, Archie. That’s a terrible name for it, very debasing.”

“Very what?”

“Oh, never rmind, I think I’m high enough. Yes, I can feel the tip”

She giggled, saying it felt sexy slipping over her skin.

“Put it in the right hole.”

“Which one?”

“Oh gawd,” he croaked.

Sue grinned at his astonishment, and said, “I know which one.”

“Have you had vibrators up er…you know?”

“My asshole. Yes but men don’t put their penis up there, do they? It would take a brave man to do that?”

“I dunno,” Archie lied. They could always sort that out some other time.

“Right, lower yourself down, slowly – get used to the feeling. Babies come out of that chute so potentially there’s enormous flexibility inside you.”

“Don’t you mean elasticity?”

“Do I?” asked, with a small groan of pleasure.

Suddenly he groaned with displeasure. “Oh crap, we’re doing it bareback. I haven’t rolled on a condom.”

“Why not?”

“It was you responsibility to remind me Bess. Did you steal that pack from your mother’s purse?”

“Er no. I retrieved it from the bedside locker of a deceased patient.  Condoms are secretly issued to all male patients under the age of ninety on admission.”

“Really, how fascinating. Any way, you don’t need to bother. Nurses are able to get free morning-after pills from the hospital dispensary.”

“How very convenient.”

“Yes I thought so too,” he said, pleased with progress so far.

“Ooooooh. What a lovely sensation I’m feeling Archie. How is it for you?”

“Tight, very tight. I’m close to blowing my rocks off.”

“Is that good?”

“That’s good.”

“When is the part called humping, supposed to start?”

“Right now is a good time,” grinned Archie, realising he was almost fully shafted. I place both hands under your ass like this and lift up and…”

“Oh, yeah! I can feel that bigger bit on the end of your…um…cock scraping as it’s coming almost out of me. It’s a gorgeous feeling and makes one wonder why all women don’t pay for the pleasure.”

“A gorgeous feeling? Try saying it’s fucking gorgeous – most women, particular of higher class, say those exact words.”


There was a banging on the door.

“Hush Bess. The whole ward doesn’t need to know you’re enjoying being fucked,” hissed Sue. “You’ll attract the old Battle Axe and she’d demand answers.”

“Sorry Sue,” called Bess, putting her hand over her mouth as she plunged downwards on the shaft, helped by Archie’s powerful grip on her ass cheeks, giving them both maximum penetration. Then in just three more noisy withdrawals and her three plunges Bess bucked and gushed like a draining sink.

Archie pulled out completely and he got Sue facing him and began wanking.

“That’s male masturbation. I thought you were supposed to discharge into me. Why am I feeling so wobbly?  I’m incapable of walking and my head appears ready to fall off my shoulders.”

He grinned.

“It will pass. How’s your eye-sight?

 Normal again after all the flashes, I thought I was about to pass out.”

“You were. Now look at my cock. I’ve got a big surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

“Oh heavens. OH FUCK! It’s all over my face and hair. How did you do that? It’s semen, isn’t it. A pint of it.”

“Yes but nice girls call it cum. And you’ve been dumped with nothing like a pint of fluid; it’s probably only a little over a teaspoon.”

“A tablespoon more like it.”

“Taste it.”

“Yuk, no.”

“Go on.”

“All right, just a quick lick.”

“What do you think?”

“Nothing to write home about but better tasting than some of the girls I’ve licked and sucked fingers from in my time.”

 “Aye and that’s good feedback and now slurp – that’s the street technical term – what you can reach.  Most women I fuck say it’s an acquired taste, something like getting used to raw oysters. They all say it makes them feel deliciously naughty when they slurp it.

Slurp, slurp.

“Yes, I think I know what they mean. I’m feeling very naughty.”

“I think the word for it is depraved. Right my nicely fucked girl, into the shower with me. Then sneak down into the ward tonight and I’ll teach your more things. Bring something to bite on though; you are a very noisy person when you get worked up.”

“Is that good?”

“Very good and you’re such a good pupil. I’m going to really enjoy pinning that ass of yours.”

“Does that mean what I think it means.”

“Who knows? Do you know what six and nine add up to?”


“Oh very good. Fifteen sixty-nines with you and I’ll be a hospital cot case.”

“Is that good?”

“Very good.” Archie leered.


The End