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    We can't all be rich. Why not learn how to be a poser like the rest of us?

    Here are some tips and tricks sure to make you look and sound richer even if you're broke like the rest of us.

    Follow the suggestions below and look rich like the rest of us.


    Even if you only graduated from high school, here's how to sound like you went to Harvard. The key thing to remember about dropping big words is that not all big words are suited to everyday conversation. You want to learn those big buzz words that rich people throw around at cocktail parties . Here are some examples:

    faux, guache, chicque or passe - These all can be used on your next shopping trip with your rich friends. Just remember to look them up and pronounce them correctly. (Definitions from the left: Fake, cheap, fancy, outdated)


    This is just a fancy word for vocabulary. Specifically vernacular refers the particular set of words and phrases that you grew up with in your hometown.


    Used in a sentence this word means putting a stop to something. Example: (There should be a moratorium on animal testing because it's cruel and inhumane.)


    This refers to a philosphical movement which questioned the meaning of life in the 19th century. (That is so existential) or (She's obviously going through some kind of existential crisis) works just fine.


    This is what rich people use to diss the poor. "What a pleb" , or "How plebian" roughly translates to: how low class or ghetto.


    Fit is crucial. You can still look rich without buying a three piece suit, but your clothes need to fit. For women, if you regularly sport a muffin top or plumber's crack because your pants are too tight, bra straps because your top doesn't have enough coverage, or outfits with circular cutouts, you will be pegged as ghetto and appropriately snubbed. Rich people wear loose, flowing, tasteful garments in the daylight and look like they've just come from lounging on their yacht. It also doesn't hurt to go business casual with a trendy blazer over jeans. If they save the spandex for the club, so should you.

    For men, it's just the opposite. Gangsters and pimps wear baggy clothes because they can't afford to get them tailored. Go out grandpa style, hike up those pants. If Kanye can rock the pink sweater vest and golfing pants then so can you.


    No plastic please. Nothing says payless like sky-blue plastic wedges where your heel is hanging off the back. For men, stick with simplicity, if you spent three hundred dollars on gators with italian leather tassles, you don't look rich. And leave the sneakers for the gym.


    If you've ever dyed your hair a color that doesn't occur in nature, this one's for you. Orange, blue, yellow (not blond), purple, green or pink are the colors of poverty. Try to stick with solid colors, natural highlights, and shoulder length bobs. For men, dial down the grease and stick with downy soft feathered styles.Rich people like to blend in so that they won't get mugged.

    Overall, following these tips is sure to get your foot in the door of richness. Or at the very least, get you a better table at your restaurant.






    * Faux, guache, chicque or passé---这些在你下回与你伴侣逛街的时辰可以使用的词。只要记得查下这些词的意思然后发音精确就可以了。(左边词的评释:假的,克己,别致的,过期的)

    * 花俏


    * 延期偿付

    用在一个句子中,这个词暗示遏制做某事。 比如(由于这种举动既惨酷又没人道,以是必需遏制对动物做尝试。

    * 存在的


    * 平平易近



    契合是关键。只要衣服契合,纵然你没有3件套,你可以仍然看起来像富人。对女士来说,要是由于你的裤子太紧而时常炫耀你腰围的赘肉可能暴露屁股沟,又可能因上身没有充足的遮掩物可能因穿露肩装而暴露你的文胸肩带,那么你就会被示为穷汉,毫无疑问地被疏落。 富人们白日穿宽松的,有线条感的且有品位的衣服,看起来他们好象刚从他们游艇的歇息室出来。牛仔裤搭配时尚的便装去谈买卖也无不妥。

    对士来说,恰恰相反。匪徒和皮条客穿戴宽松的衣服是由于他们承担不起两省定做的钱。扔失这些老式服装梳妆,让那些裤子飞舞起来吧。 要是肯伊能让粉红毛背心和高尔夫裤子变的很时髦,那么你同样做到。






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