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    In this market, many job candidates are desperate for an offer -- any offer. But even if you are new to an industry or have been unemployed for a while, is it smart to blindly accept the first number that an employer throws out? I don't think so.

    Once you are inside an organization, raises are small and promotions are often slow in coming, so you have to do what you can to maximize your salary and benefits package right out of the gate. But how can you do this when the employer has the upper hand and hundreds of qualified candidates?

    Lesley Gibson, a 30-year-old senior health-care professional in Boston, was nervous about overstepping her bounds when interviewing for a new job at the depth of the recession. 'The offer was less than I was making before, so I felt I should ask for more,' she says. 'But the work environment was different from what I was used to, and I worried that they'd hold that against me.'

    Justify Your Pay Request

    Ms. Gibson decided on a specific number she'd be happy with and in order to justify her request, wrote out a list of ways she intended to bring value to the position.

    'When I called the hiring manager to discuss the offer, she countered with the salary I wanted,' Ms. Gibson says. 'The advance planning made me feel a lot more confident going into that conversation.'

    Midcareer professionals often think they have to accept a lower salary because their industry or job experience isn't a perfect fit. 'You have to get out of the mindset that you're starting over,' says Elaine Varelas, managing partner of Keystone Associates, a career-management firm. 'However, you will need to convince potential employers why you deserve a salary closer to mid or senior level than entry level.'

    This means considering what your years of work experience will add to the organization and what you can do that will bring in more money today. Because functional skills are easy to pick up but problem-solving ability and business acumen are best honed over time, employers often prefer more seasoned candidates.

    Know the Field

    When applying for a job in a new field, understand what entry-level and upper-level positions pay by checking sources like payscale.com and having frank conversations with individuals working in the industry.

    Experts like Ms. Varelas agree that you shouldn't be the first to mention salary in the interview, but if confronted about it directly, you shouldn't hesitate. 'Tell them you're looking for compensation in X range and, at the same time, ask about the range for that position,' she says.

    Once you receive an offer, evaluate it realistically. Be aware that public-sector organizations compensate differently than private-sector ones, and that you are unlikely to replace your past salary 100%.

    Also remember, however, that employers will expect negotiation and are likely to go up from the original number. If you're not entirely satisfied with the end result, see if the employer will agree to revisit compensation at six and 18 months of service.



    波士顿30岁的高级医疗卫生专业职员吉布森(Lesley Gibson)就对在今朝主要衰退的背景下,口试新事项时年夜概做出的越界举动感想求助。她说,这份职位的薪水赶不上我过去的事项,以是我感受应该多要一点。可是,这份事项的环境与我以往风俗的差别,我担忧他们会是以而拒绝我的要求。


    本文作者Alexandra Levit吉布森确定了一个她对劲的数字,为了声名她的要求是公道的,她还列出了她筹算给这个职位缔造代价的一系列路子。


    处于职业中期的专业职员常常以为他们只能接管较低的薪酬,由于他们的行业或事项经验并不浑然一体。职业打点公司Keystone Associates的实行合资人威尔拉斯(Elaine Varelas)说,你必需丢弃你是从新起头的思想。不过,你必要让隐藏的店主信托,相对付入门水平,你为什么应该获得更靠近于中级或高级水平的人为。







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