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    Turning 60 is an important milestone in the life of any person, let alone a country. A big parade was held in Beijing yesterday to celebrate the dramatic improvement in living standards in the 60 years of the People's Republic, and the party continues, with a national holiday running until next Thursday.

    A mood of nostalgia has also prevailed, people comparing photos and telling stories. This has led me to reminisce over an old handkerchief parcel of food coupons my mother left me. For decades in China there was rationing of everything from meat to cloth. I grew up knowing and experiencing hunger. My mother kept the coupons in case such times were to return. They never did.

    In 1949 China's GDP was $18bn, or $50 per capita. In 2008, total GDP reached $4.3 trillion and $3,260 per capita. In the past 30 years, 200 million people came out of poverty. Today, Chinese society has become open and dynamic. There are close to 2,000 newspapers, more than 9,000 magazines and 287 TV channels. With 700 million mobile phone subscribers, 300 million internet users and 180 million bloggers, not surprisingly the Chinese lead the world in texting, blogging and surfing the web. Some 800 international journalists sat in some of the meetings of the National People's Congress this year and asked questions. And more than 30,000 journalists covered the Olympics last year.

    There has also been major progress in developing the rule of law and local democracy. In the past 30 years, 223 laws were promulgated, a task that has taken many countries hundreds of years. When the labour law was debated, the National People's Congress received 200,000 suggestions, largely from public letters, emails and web comments. Elections were introduced at rural level 10 years ago, and all of the 64,000 village committees are directly elected. The government is working hard to introduce democratic decision-making at all levels to ensure that people's voices are heard.

    But we know we still have much to do. After all, China's per capita GDP ranks 104th in the world while the UK's is 20th. Britain is about the size and population of China's Hunan province, yet Britain's GDP is 17 higher. Per capita overseas investment in China is only 1/25th of that of Britain. Some 135 million people across the country still live on less than a dollar a day.

    Any small problem can grow into a huge one if multiplied by 1.3 billion. A big achievement can become too tiny to notice once divided by that number. China will press ahead with reforms aimed to build a strong and harmonious society, where every child is at school, everyone has work to do and a roof over their head, every sick person is treated, and every elderly person is taken care of.

    China's rapid progress would not have been possible without close interaction with the world, the west in particular. In the past 30 years, China's trade increased from $20.6bn to just under $2.6 trillion, a more than hundredfold rise. Thirty years ago, foreign direct investment in China was virtually nonexistent. In 2008 it grew to $92.4bn, ranking first place among developing countries. As of the end of 2008, China has invested $150bn in 170 countries and regions. In the past 30 years, 1.39 million Chinese studied in 109 countries. In 2008, 45 million Chinese travelled overseas as tourists.

    China's rise in the world was not achieved through war or aggression but through exchanges and trading. Seeking friendship and fostering a peaceful and co-operative international environment is China's constant objective. We are learning to fulfill our growing international responsibilities, from restoring global growth to fighting climate change, and will continue to partner Britain in this process. My mother's food coupons will go to the British Museum as I have promised. On this 60th birthday we celebrate our past and our future.

    Fu Ying is China's ambassador to the UK



    看看这组数字:1949年建国时,中国的GDP总量只有180亿美元,人均GDP只有50多美元,而2008年GDP总量到达了4.3万亿美元,人均GDP到达3263美元。已往30年,2亿中国人开脱了贫困。中国社会也变得越来越开放和充塞活力。世界共有近2000种报纸、9000多种杂志,287家电视台,另有7亿手机用户,3亿网平易近和1.8亿博客,绝不稀罕,中国人是天下上发短信、写博客和上网最活泼的国家。今年,800名外国记者参预了两会的采访,他们还能够旁听一些集会的谈判并提问。去年共有3 万名记者采访了北京奥运会。

    中国在平易近主法治培植方面也取得了紧张盼望。已往30 年共拟定了223项法令。谈判劳动法时期,世界人年夜收到20万多条提议,年夜部分是公众直接经由过程信件、邮件和网上留言提出来的。10多年前,中国起头实施基层推举,六万四千个村平易近委员会由村平易近直接推举孕育产生。政府坚持推进政治系统体例更始,加强各级平易近主决意妄想,细听公众定见。





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