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    Moving in together is a huge step for any couple. While the guy might worry his Xbox will be replaced with a stack of Oprah magazines, we're stressing about losing all of our privacy. It's not that we don't want to spend every single waking moment together - it's more like we don't want you to realize that we have flaws, quirks, and normal body functions.


    1. Eat messy foods

    A good date centers around good food, great conversation, and fantastic foreplay under the table. We don't want to ruin the mood by slurping up spaghetti, gnawing on a piece of sushi, or stabbing ourselves in the eye with a tricky kabab stick. Save us some trouble by picking a place with bite-sized sauce-free food like carrots or ice shavings.

    1. 轻率就餐


    2. Have Gas

    It's clinically proven that gas is the fastest killer of a romantic night. Couples instantly go from being wrapped around each other naked to sleeping on opposite ends of the bed wearing nightgowns over flannel pajamas. Please do us a huge favor by letting us blame any unexplainable noises and lingering smells on the dog - even if you don't have a dog.

    2. 公然放屁


    3. Facebook Stalk

    Some women use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, as well as to see who gained the most weight since high school. Other women use it to legally stalk ex-boyfriends, one-time hook-ups, and crushes. We fully acknowledge that we're absolutely batshit insane, yet we have trouble stopping ourselves from completing our daily ritual. Help us not embarrass ourselves by lying to us and saying you don't have the internet because you don't believe in using it - and for your own sake, never let us know you have Facebook.

    3. 上Facebook

    很多女生都经由过程Facebook和伴侣贯串毗邻接洽,固然也是借此相识卒业后自己是不是另有人记得。不过另有一些女生用它来接洽一下前男友啦,搞搞419 (for one night)啦,或是耍点小暧昧。我们完全承认这是不同错误的!可是……唉,我们便是停不下来嘛!男生,这时辰你就撒点儿谎、姑息我们一下。另有哦,为了你自己好,切切别讲述我们你也玩FB.

    4. Working Out

    The gym is a great place for us to lose weight, stay in shape, and compare ourselves to fatter women. However, unless we're only taking power yoga classes, it's not a great place to run into someone we like. We're worried that you'll be completely focused on our sweaty head bands, red faces, and our manly gym attire. A great way to make us feel better if you run into us at the gym is to focus on the work-out. Instead of noticing our gym attire, try saying something nice like "wow you've lost more weight than the office could have ever imagined."



    5. Watch our TV shows

    Sometimes we watch really stupid TV that we're embarrassed to watch in front of anyone else - let alone someone that we really like. We're talking reality television that makes the Kardashian family look like they deserve a show and movies that make chick flicks look like war documentaries. If you ever walk in on us changing the station quickly to ESPN, then please don't ask what we were watching before and why we're sobbing over SportsCenter.



    6. Poop

    Believe it or not (and many choose not to) some women have the ability to poop. And we use the exact same kind of bathroom you do! However many of us will run out of your house and go to the nearest gas station before we'll use your toilet. Installing a porta-potty outside your house covered in sound proof material and filling it with at least 6 air fresheners is a great way to make us feel comfortable living together.

    6. 便便


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